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New Jersey Pulse post re-election Interview with Paterson Mayor Joey Torres

New Jersey Pulse news interviews Paterson Mayor Jory Torres 21 days after being re-elected beating out 7 other candidates.
Torres tells us about his plans for the city, why he hired former Sheriff Jerry Speziale, why he had governor Christie swear him in, his rivals, why the hijacking for the city council presidency will not affect him moving the city forward, campaign contribution form his rivals donors. Potholes, the city being reevaluated and other issues concerning the city. 2014 Sirrano Keith Baldeo host.

Prayer March Paterson NJ

Prayer march for Genesis Rincon “The reason I don’t really cover “prayer march” is because it has been ineffective. If you really want me to be honest and truthful” – NJ Pulse.
It’s not the prayer because prayer works! Its not the march because it brings attention. Its whose doing it, why and whether or not one’s heart is in it. Or, you’re just looking for publicity. Its not the people following some of these preacher or leader — they are looking for answers. Moreover, it requires sacrifice to evoke the power of the Holy Spirit for God to intervene over darkness. Can I tell you that one of the pastors leading this Prayer March has been accused by four different women of sexual harassment and there’s evidence! There are accusations of … Continue Reading ››

Julio Tavarez Paterson wants residents to sue the city

Julio Tavarez Paterson wants residents "sue the city?" Not everyone who get elected to office is qualified to be in office. Paterson Councilman Julio Tavarez who worked at a computer tech for the Paterson school district was backed by former councilman Aslon Goow and other council members to remove then councilman Juan Torres, who they did not like. Since then Tavarez has become the bully of the council and showed little interest in the business of the city of Paterson.  Several time his has had no appearance on the council for nice consecutive meetings. Even walking out and leaving Paterson to study in another city the city clerk stated. Some time ago he ranted about causing public nuisance because his Dominican culture did not get control of the city of Paterson. Where Tavarez is also pushing to name part of Park Avenue after a … Continue Reading ››

Partial Local control in Paterson and Newark

State Board of Education Partial Local control in Paterson and Newark
June 4, 2014 Trenton, NJ  – The New Jersey State Board of Education today approved returning two areas of local control in two state-operated districts by granting control of operations to Paterson and control of fiscal management to Newark. The state’s school monitoring system – called the New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum, or NJQSAC – is the framework that evaluates districts in five separate functional areas: governance, fiscal management, personnel, operations, and curriculum and instruction. NJQSAC is also the pathway for state-operated districts to regain local control by demonstrating a level of functionality in each of the five areas. A 2005 law provides for state-run districts to regain control of areas in which they have consistently received strong scores on the … Continue Reading ››