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Mayor Joey Torres Slams Critics

Torres Slams Critics
Mayor Joey Torres Slams His Critics At Council Meeting April 8th 2014

Mayor Joey Torres unleashed a little Hell on Mayoral candidate Andre Sayegh. Torres appeared at a April 8th 2014 meeting and called a review for his past sick pay and leave of 74,000 -- a smear campaign when his opponents heard he was running for Mayor. The appeal from Torres was followed by attacks both from the Black and Latino community.

He's corrupted and bought by the Democratic Party.

He's also accused of awarding contract to those who invested financially in his election.

Poor Showing At Paterson Campaign Kickoff

Poor Showing At Paterson Campaign Kickoff  for Andre Sayegh

Sayegh Kickoff
Dundee Ave. was closed off for private election event. Site of Sayegh's home were about 40 people showed up
It should have been about 150 plus people from across the city of Paterson, at the home of mayoral candidate Andre Sayegh when he announced his second mayoral run.  Instead it was about 40 people, mostly from his ward, with the additional hired cameras and kids who are not able to vote. When asked about the small showing Paterson Mayor Jeffery Jones stated, "it could have been Democratic Party operatives there just to see. "40 people is not bad but it's not great," jones stated. "Could be anything. Could be he waited to late to do it, maybe his message isn't clear, there are a … Continue Reading ››