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Prayer March Paterson NJ

Prayer march for Genesis Rincon “The reason I don’t really cover “prayer march” is because it has been ineffective. If you really want me to be honest and truthful” – NJ Pulse.
It’s not the prayer because prayer works! Its not the march because it brings attention. Its whose doing it, why and whether or not one’s heart is in it. Or, you’re just looking for publicity. Its not the people following some of these preacher or leader — they are looking for answers. Moreover, it requires sacrifice to evoke the power of the Holy Spirit for God to intervene over darkness. Can I tell you that one of the pastors leading this Prayer March has been accused by four different women of sexual harassment and there’s evidence! There are accusations of … Continue Reading ››

Partial Local control in Paterson and Newark

State Board of Education Partial Local control in Paterson and Newark
June 4, 2014 Trenton, NJ  – The New Jersey State Board of Education today approved returning two areas of local control in two state-operated districts by granting control of operations to Paterson and control of fiscal management to Newark. The state’s school monitoring system – called the New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum, or NJQSAC – is the framework that evaluates districts in five separate functional areas: governance, fiscal management, personnel, operations, and curriculum and instruction. NJQSAC is also the pathway for state-operated districts to regain local control by demonstrating a level of functionality in each of the five areas. A 2005 law provides for state-run districts to regain control of areas in which they have consistently received strong scores on the … Continue Reading ››

Paterson Arab American Civic Organization Endorsement

Arabs endoreses Jones
Paterson Arab American Civic Organization Endorses current Mayor Jeffery Jones for re-election to the City of Paterson 2014
At least three top members of the Paterson Arab American Civic Organization attended Mayor Jeffery Jones' campaign head- quarters opening, to show their support.  Vice President and Director of Public Relations, Khader "Ken" Abuassab, reiterated Jones' words that all of us must come together and bring Paterson to what it should be. "We don't want this man, Mr. Jones, to ever leave this office. He took us out of the deep hole which others left for him - that seventy- something million dollars that was put on his shoulders, and everybody knows he took that off of our shoulders and we should thank him. Thank you" Abuassab stated to the mayor at the opening. He … Continue Reading ››

Karen Brown Esq vesus City of Paterson

Karen Brown swear inKaren Brown Esq versus City of Paterson

Superior Court Division Dock NO. A-0031-11T3  Karen Brown Esq APPROVED FOR PUBLICATION February 17, 2012 - APPELLATE DIVISION - Plaintiff-Respondent, v. CITY OF PATERSON, a Municipality of the State of New Jersey,and JEFFERY J. JONES, as Mayor of the City of Paterson, - Defendants-Appellants. - February 17, 2012, Argued January 24, 2012 - Decided before Judges Payne, Reisner and Simonelli. On appeal from the Superior Court of New Jersey, Law Division, Passaic County, L-3319-11.
  1. Adam S. Herman argued the cause for appellant (Adams Stern Gutierrez & Lattiboudere, L.L.C., attorneys; Derlys Maria Gutierrez, of counsel and on the brief; Mr. Herman, on the brief).
  2. Aziz O. Nekoukar argued the cause for respondent (Trenk, DiPasquale, Webster, Della Fera & Sodono, P.C., attorneys; Elnardo J. Webster, II, of counsel; Mr. Nekoukar and Ana J. Murteira, on the … Continue Reading ››

Paterson Firefighters Save Man

Paterson Firefighters

Paterson Firefighters Save Man: Where ever duty calls! 

During the incident the New Jersey Pulse News, also attending the event, observed the firefighters trying to revive the man, who did not have a pulse. After several chest pumps and a defibrillator applying a direct electrical current to the heart, one of the officers could be heard saying "we have a pulse." Paterson Fire fighters This was a relief to several of the city clerks who could be seen praying for the man, one was in tears. Paramedics soon arrived and stabilized the man, and he was then taken to the hospital. The scene was supervised by Mayor Jeffery Jones, Sheriff Richard Berdnik and Police Director Glenn Brown. The man was said to be African American and in his mid-50's. Both … Continue Reading ››

Judge Karen Brown Removal Sparks Outrage

Karen Brown swear in

It's Black History Month, a time to honor African Americans and more importantly African American women who have made strive for other African American to be proud of but After three years of service, The City of Passaic introduced a resolution to remove it's Chief and only Black Judge Karen Brown. This was not well received in the black community, who looked to Brown as a mentor for young Black youth and who identified with her as the top Black person to represent them in the city of Passaic.

KB RemovedResidents complained that the mayor and council, is removing Brown for political reasons. They stated that Brown was hired into Passaic City to eased Black tensions. But now … Continue Reading ››