Judge Karen Brown Removal Sparks Outrage

Karen Brown swear in

It’s Black History Month, a time to honor African Americans and more importantly African American women who have made strive for other African American to be proud of but After three years of service, The City of Passaic introduced a resolution to remove it’s Chief and only Black Judge Karen Brown. This was not well received in the black community, who looked to Brown as a mentor for young Black youth and who identified with her as the top Black person to represent them in the city of Passaic.

KB RemovedResidents complained that the mayor and council, is removing Brown for political reasons. They stated that Brown was hired into Passaic City to eased Black tensions. But now that the tension is gone, they have no more use for her. Another resident stated the city is removing Brown because she would not go along with their program to punish Blacks and Latinos for minor criminal act. That because Brown would take the side of the poor and not grant a large bail or fine, she was not helping the city balanced its budget.

Four years ago when Brown made her bid to run of Passaic County Clerk, the NJ Pulse had learnt of a deal to offer Brown (an attorney) the judgeship in the city of Paterson (see top photo). In return Brown would not run  for Passaic County Clerk against the Democratic candidate Keith Katzmark, who lost too now Passaic County Clerk Kristin M. Corrado and is now the Woodland Park Mayor. Then mayor Joey Torres went along with the deal, we were told. But when objects came for then council president Jeffery Jones, now mayor. The head of the Democratic party tapped into the mayor of Passaic City Alex Blanco to offer Brown the position of Judge in his town, while the dispute in Paterson resolved itself.  Brown sued Paterson and with the support of the Passaic County Chief Administrative Judge won her case to stay as judge in Paterson for the full three years. She was also awarded about 37,000 in legal fees.  At it’s KB Removed3 February 4th 2014 council meeting, members of the Black community all took turns voicing their objecting to the removal of Brown to the Mayor and Council. There were also several Caucasian members of the community making known their disappointment.

The president of the New Jersey Pulse who support Brown in her election bid, publishing a story in her support “Unbought and UnBossed” also spoke against Brown’s removal and the politics of the Democratic party, who controls the cities of Paterson and Passaic City. KB Removed4Council President Gary Schaer stated after along discussion earlier that day the council has decided to table the resolution for a future meeting. The Resolution was up of it’s second reading. The Passaic City council consist of three Jews and three Hispanic with one African Ameircan Terrence Love who recused himself from the vote. Newjerseypulse@aol.com