Julio Tavarez Paterson wants residents to sue the city

Julio Tavarez Paterson wants residents “sue the city?”

Not everyone who get elected to office is qualified to be in office. Paterson Councilman Julio Tavarez who worked at a computer tech for the Paterson school district was backed by former councilman Aslon Goow and other council members to remove then councilman Juan Torres, who they did not like.
Since then Tavarez has become the bully of the council and showed little interest in the business of the city of Paterson.  Several time his has had no appearance on the council for nice consecutive meetings.
Even walking out and leaving Paterson to study in another city the city clerk stated.

Some time ago he ranted about causing public nuisance because his Dominican culture did not get control of the city of Paterson. Where Tavarez is also pushing to name part of Park Avenue after a person from the Dominican Republic how had no association with the united states.

The Councilman also stood on the steps of Paterson city hall at a Dominican flag raising and stated ‘It’s their (meaning Dominican’s) event  and if you don’t speak Spanish you can get out of the event’

Now Tavarez is asking anyone to sue the city of Paterson, if anything should happen to their vehicles. The request leaves open anyone who for what every reason have damages to their vehicle to abuse the process at a cost to tax payers.
In fact each law sue real on not will cost taxpayers more in their next billing cycle especially if the city have to defend frivolous lawsuits.

It is suspected that Tavarez intend to use the pothole and ice suites real or not to help discredit the current mayor and to aid his best friend Sayegh run for mayor.

And what does Tavarez also get of burdening taxpayer, he is also requesting  money for you.

Next to his “Sue The City” request he is asking for $25.00 up to $2,500. from you.