Keith Sirrano Baldeo at a September 20th 2017 hearing in Passaic County Superior court, confronts Administrative Judge Ernest Caposela about giving defense instructions to the attorneys of seven Paterson city council members, charged with crimes against him.
The judge has barred all outside judges from taking complaints from Baldeo after one of the ‘outside’ judges charged seven of the Paterson officials with official misconduct, for blocking Baldeo from speaking at a public meeting against them.. Aired September 2017

Sirrano Keith Baldeo interviews protesters who said they were wrongly and excessively ticketed by the Community Improvement who’s Director is David Gilmore former mayoral candidate. The protesters stated the inspector Andrew Menendez had no license to issue DCA tickets and targeted them and the community. Sirrano Keith Baldeo confronted Gilmore about his actions and to hear his response. Aired September 2017

Sirrano Keith Baldeo (Shows evidence,) files criminal charges against a Passaic County Judge John F. Meola (from the Hawthorne court,) for obstruction, depriving his press of the First Amendment and others for deny him the right to bring charges against public corruption in the city of Paterson and charging him excessive court cost, after he came to the court looking for relief and protection, from elected officials in the city of Paterson. The Paterson government have been targeting the publisher after he called for their removal from office for being corrupted and incompetent.” – Published September 2017

Yandy Smith of Love and Hip Hop interviewed by Sirrano Keith Baldeo about being in Paterson New Jersey to encourage and motivate young girls, in career and living a better live by supporting each other and creating a support group with the slogan “you are not alone” – Published May 2017    
Published on Apr 24, 2016 – Angela Yee interviewed by Sirrano Keith Baldeo president of the New Jersey Pulse News about her visit to the City of Paterson and encouraging young women in there careers – April 23rd 2016  
New jersey Pulse, Sirrano Keith Baldeo address, politics in Passaic County and Paterson NJ. After raising taxes, Democratic Christian Pastor gets out of hand, bullies News. Plus, who best serves the interest of the people and recent facts. Also confronts a politician after being elbowed in the stomach by him. Election November 2015. What you should know. New Jersey Pulse confronts Democratic Christian Politician and Party 2015.
Sirrano Keith Baldeo president of the New Jersey Pulse news and Christian Heritage US addresses Wayne NJ City Council and Mayor (mostly Republicans) telling them it was wrong for Governor Christie to reappoint a Democratic Prosecutor after she neglected the Black community. He also addressed the objection for those who make laws agains the Christian faith and asked them to not give in or compromise their faith. Is Paterson NJ much better than before? Is it becoming a police state, are young Black men constantly being arrested or racially profiled? Conversation became heated between Pulse President Sirrano Keith Baldeo, and Paterson police director Jerry Speziale, who insisted Paterson is a much better place.

Sirrano Keith Baldeo ask Paterson Democratic Senator Nellie Pou not to confirm NJ Gov Christie’s reappointment of Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia Valdes for her mistreatment of Blacks. Supposeldy the Passaic County Democratic Party made a deal that will let Nellie Pou confirm some of Christie’s judge, if he gives them back Valdes. Valdes has been accused for targeting Blacks in Paterson racial profiling the community and making arrest for the numbers. Sirrano Keith Baldeo appeared at the Paterson City council meeting where Pou is the Business Administrator to confront her and asked her not to confirm her. Current only two Senators has the power to reappoint judges and a prosecutor in Passaic County and the one Democratic is Nellie Pou. (PATERSON COUNCIL MEETING JUNE 23RD, 2015) .

(Sirrano Keith Baldeo confronts Woodland Park Mayor Keith Kazmark April 1st, 2015) Keith Kazmark attempted to side-step his responsibility and blame it on the separation of powers, yet he refuses and fail to investigate whether on not there is a problem with the way residency are treated in his city by the courts and law enforcement. Posted June 2015 .

Sirrano Keith Baldeo addresses why Governor Chris Christie re-pointed his long time friend Camelia Valdes in Passaic County after she has been allegedly targeting the Black community, and avoided prosecuting office who kills Blacks. (Requesting the community ask Democratic Senator Nellie Pow to not vote the Republican choice back in.) June 2015 .

Kristin Corrado Passaic County Clerk 2014 Election interivew (Was Re-elected Nov. 4th 2014) .

Newark Black activists warns about Cory Booker (senator) 2014 .


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