Paterson Firefighters Save Man

Paterson Firefighters

Paterson Firefighters Save Man: Where ever duty calls! 

During the incident the New Jersey Pulse News, also attending the event, observed the firefighters trying to revive the man, who did not have a pulse. After several chest pumps and a defibrillator applying a direct electrical current to the heart, one of the officers could be heard saying “we have a pulse.” Paterson Fire fighters

This was a relief to several of the city clerks who could be seen praying for the man, one was in tears. Paramedics soon arrived and stabilized the man, and he was then taken to the hospital. The scene was supervised by Mayor Jeffery Jones, Sheriff Richard Berdnik and Police Director Glenn Brown. The man was said to be African American and in his mid-50’s.

Both Sheriff Berdnik and Police Director Brown saw the man to the ambulance while Mayor Jones spoke with the firefighters. The Paterson firefighters were there as Honor Guards in a precession.