Poor Showing At Paterson Campaign Kickoff

Poor Showing At Paterson Campaign Kickoff  for Andre Sayegh

Sayegh Kickoff
Dundee Ave. was closed off for private election event. Site of Sayegh’s home were about 40 people showed up

It should have been about 150 plus people from across the city of Paterson, at the home of mayoral candidate Andre Sayegh when he announced his second mayoral run.  Instead it was about 40 people, mostly from his ward, with the additional hired cameras and kids who are not able to vote. When asked about the small showing Paterson Mayor Jeffery Jones stated, “it could have been Democratic Party operatives there just to see. “40 people is not bad but it’s not great,” jones stated. “Could be anything. Could be he waited to late to do it, maybe his message isn’t clear, there are a lot of stuff going on and people are not sure yet. People has a lot of option, they have nine options,” the mayor stated. Jones also stated that what he is hearing is that people are not happy that Paterson is a non-party city, with no party affiliations and the Democratic Party is now getting involve in Paterson, suggesting they may be supporting Sayegh.

The New Jersey pulse news spoke with the son of New Jersey Congressman Bill Pascrell, who stated his father is not involved in the Paterson election and that a poll put out to support Sayegh was not part of his fathers doing or involvement.  He also stated that the Democratic Party, as far as he knows, is also not involved but there are individuals who maybe personally be involve from the Democratic Party. But it does not mean the Party is behind Sayegh his stressed.  When asked about if his father knows about Sayeghs Anti-American view, where he defended the Jihad against America, he stated he was not aware of it but is interested in seeing the video.

Councilman Sayegh of Arab descendent, at a Ramadan event defended the Islamic Jihad. A term used by extremest promoting killing Americans and American soldiers.  Jones continue to suggest the Democratic Party have already put out on the wire they are supporting Sayegh, he stress that if this becomes a partisan election, “then what?”  Congressman Bill Pascrell’s son insisted that who ever is putting out information about his father supporting Sayegh is spreading false rumors. With nine people in the Paterson mayoral race a candidate will have to sell his/her story to more that 5,000 registered votes to break away from the pack. About 17,000 – 19,000 people actually vote in the Paterson elections. The city clerk state there are about 60,000 registered votes in Paterson. In the last mayoral election Sayegh open a headquarters on Union avenue and his kickoff was attended by over one hundred people. He lost the election by gained 3,200 votes.

With only about 40 people at his event this time, it is doubtful he will regain the traction to pull ahead of Jones who piled up over 8,000 votes and  Torres who piled up over 7,000 votes himself. The only hope to bring down Jones is by putting another Black candidate in the race. For that the Democrats may have tapped into an unknown Donna Ivy, to aid in cutting Jones votes down, we were told. The plan may not work if the Black community realize a split will take the Black leadership back to the past.

Sayegh kickoff3
Democratic event coordinator Charles Featherson directing traffic for Sayegh’s event

Evidence of the Democratic Party’s involvement was noticeable when Charles Featherson is seen directing traffic and shutting down the street where Sayegh’s event is being held Featherson is a key person who helps set up the events for the Democratic Party. However Bill Pascrell III stated Democrats who are helping Sayegh may be acting on their own. Missing at the kick off was former councilman Tom Rooney, who lives in the sixth ward and aided Sayegh in his six ward council run six years ago. Rooney is allegedly supporting Torres. Viewing online photos of the event – posted by those who attended the kick-off, we could not find one elected official supporting Sayegh from the Democratic or Republican Party. We also did not see any other officials from the city of Paterson or other cities. The Democratic Party are masters in surrounding their candidate with other elected official to show unity. Yet none of that happened at Sayegh’s kickoff