Prayer March Paterson NJ

Prayer march for Genesis Rincon “The reason I don’t really cover “prayer march” is because it has been ineffective. If you really want me to be honest and truthful” – NJ Pulse.

It’s not the prayer because prayer works! Its not the march because it brings attention. Its whose doing it, why and whether or not one’s heart is in it. Or, you’re just looking for publicity. Its not the people following some of these preacher or leader — they are looking for answers. Moreover, it requires sacrifice to evoke the power of the Holy Spirit for God to intervene over darkness.

Can I tell you that one of the pastors leading this Prayer March has been accused by four different women of sexual harassment and there’s evidence! There are accusations of homosexual relations and involvement in threatening a mother of one of the girls who came to the meeting to confront the pastor — this is no secret. So, how can these same ministers lead a “Prayer March” and ask the Holy Spirit to come down and cleanse the city? They themselves have a greater sin than the one they’re praying to save. The leader was called to a meeting with me and another leader of a large church to help pray with him — he can easily repent and be free. However, he refused of course to keep his sin.

Its been march after march prayer after payer and nothing. Doesn’t that tell you something’s wrong with the people leading the praying and marching perhaps for a show? As the march in-sued from the sense-less death of a Genesis Rincon, gangs, drugs dealers, buyers and the alleged killer have already re-tuned. Yes, there’s a plan to include the offices of the Prosecutor and Mayors, the police department, the city leaders: real ones and Christian Heritage U.S. However, it will take some of these Men of the cloth getting off their high horse and denying themselves any glory to make it work.

Lets see.