Sirrano Keith Baldeo interview with Joey Torres former Mayor of Paterson.
Face-to-Face and Eye-to-Eye with former Paterson Mayor Joey Torres

Former Paterson Mayor Joey Torres answers some tough questions on April 17th 2014 about why he should come back and run the city of Paterson

Newark 2014 Election get confrontational, Gayle Chaneyfield Jenkins confronts Councilman Darrin Sharif about negative flyers. If You Come To Sling Mud, It May Come Right Back at You. Sharif Explodes On Jenkins.

Former Paterson Mayor Joey Torres Slams His Critics At Council Meeting April 8th 2014

Former Paterson Mayor Joey Torres unleashed a little Hell on council president and Mayoral candidate Andre Sayegh.

Torres appeared at a April 8th 2014 meeting and called a review for his past sick pay and leave of 74,000 a smear campaign when his opponents heard he was running for Mayor.

The appeal from Torres was followed by attacks both from the Black and Latino community on council president Andre Sayegh. That he is corrupted and bough by the Democratic Party. He is also accused of awarding contract to those who invested finically in his election.

Paterson Arab American Civic Organization Endorses current Mayor Jeffery Jones for re-election to the City of Paterson 2014


Arabs endoreses Jones copy

Paterson Arab American Civic Organization

At least three top members of the Arab American Civic Organization attended Mayor Jeffery Jones’ campaign head- quarters opening, to show their support.

Vice President and Director of Public Relations, Khader “Ken” Abuassab, reiterated Jones’ words that all of us must come together and bring Paterson to what it should be.

Arabs endorses Jones copy

Ken (Khader) Abuassab VP and Director of Public Relation AACO (L), Paterson mayor Jeffery Jones (R)

“We don’t want this man, Mr. Jones, to ever leave this office. He took us out of the deep hole which others left for him – that seventy- something million dollars that was put on his shoulders, and everybody knows he took that off of our shoulders and we should thank him. Thank you” Abuassab stated to the mayor at the opening.

He continued that Jones has been working on a lot of different issues to bring Paterson together again, with all the 52 ethnic groups, “This would not happen if he leaves office.” Abuassab stated.

“We want to make sure he is still here the next four years, stand by him, fully, give him all your support.  Who’s with Mayor Jones?!” Abuassab shouted. “We need him to stay in that office.  We need him to finish the job.  Anybody else would need 12 years, not four years” Abuassab concluded.

When asked if that meant he endorsed Jones, Abuassab called out the name of his organization, the Arab American Civic Organization, and explained that they support Mayor Jeff Jones on his campaign to be re-elected for his position.

Paterson Mayor Jeffery Jones’ HQ opening April 5th, 2014.
Paterson Mayor rips critics and those who are trying to divide the black community for their personal gain.

Darrin Sharif Newark Central Ward councilman takes on his critics in re-election 2014

New Jersey Pulse interview Newark Councilman Darrin Sharif about why he is still the man to beat in the May 13th 2014 election.


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